Azhimala – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The Orion

Among the shores of Kerala shiva temple an ancient center named aazhimala shiva temple is blessed with its natural beauty. As the name suggests it is situated between the huge rocks and stands in the edge of the ocean. The scenario of aazhimala temple is a fine example for its incomparable beauty. It is comprised of fantastic reminiscence’s and story through the blessings of lord shiva. As a whole it reminds us of the mythological aspects of Mount Kailas for its abundant flow of devotees.

The origin and history of aazhimala temple has crossed its centenarian. The original name of the temple is Aaazhimala Pulinkudi Sree Mahadeva Temple. By the existence of Cheetahs in that area years ago was named as Pullikudi. Due to the course of time it changed into Pullingudi. ‘Kudi’ means home/Living space.

This Ancient place was one of the hide out of Pandavas who were in…

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