The Haunting Real-life Story of a Ghost Town Called Dhanushkodi.

It was the 21st of December, 1964, when disaster hit the little port town of Dhanushkodi and swallowed the town and took many lives. Connectivity back then was not as advanced as it is today. There was no Internet connection and the Pamban bridge was the only way to reach Dhanushkodi other than waterways. As a result, the little town which was once a tourist spot with several pilgrims and fishermen, was reduced to ruins.

Before the cyclone hit Dhanushkodi, it had a railway station and jetty service to transport travelers to Talaimannar in Sri Lanka. It was a busy port town with a working post office, a temple visited regularly by devotees and a church attended by locals and visitors alike. The cyclone devastated Dhanushkodi causing irreparable loss to life and property.

Still, Dhanushkodi has come quite a long way since the cyclone. Today, it is visited by travel enthusiasts who like offbeat destinations and are intrigued by its history. According to mythology, Dhanushkodi is the place where, on Lord Rama’s instructions, Hanuman and Lord Rama’s army built a bridge across the sea to reach Sri Lanka. It is located around 20 km from Rameswaram and around 31 km from Sri Lanka.

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