Cybercrime affects everyone.

Crime affects everyone and in future cybercrime (and cyber security) is going to affect people more and more. No one is safe – it impacts the rich and the poor:

Anyone with a mobile phone in their pocket.
Anyone who has a bank account.
Anyone who stores important files on their computer.
Anyone whose name is in a direct marketing database.
Cyber crime is not some futuristic possibility. It is being committed every day right now. Thieves commit cyber crimes to steal people’s money and their identity. With your identity, the thief can take out loans, incur credit, accumulate debt and, then flee without a trace. It can take years to rehabilitate your identity. A virus can destroy someone’s files and a lost database can result in receiving unwanted sales calls.

Cyber security is important for national security – securing this beautiful country of ours.

There are some state secrets that must remain secret.
The personal safety of our leaders is very important.
The SARS and Home Affairs database must be secure.
Terrorists must not be able to halt trading on the JSE.
But national security cannot override our personal freedom we fought so hard to achieve:

Our freedom of speech is crucial.
A free press holds people to account.
Personal privacy ensures democracy.
Freedom to do things online without surveillance.