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Old WhatsApp scam re-emerges claiming Rs 25 Lakh Prize.


An old WhatsApp scam has resurfaced online, mainly targeting users in India. As per the message that a member of the India Tech Team also received, scammers are promising a Rs 25,000 cash prize as a part of the ‘KBC Jio’ lucky draw. Typically, the message will come with a video explaining the process and users will be asked to share personal details on WhatsApp. Following that, money will be credited to your account.

What does the message say?

The current iteration of the WhatsApp scam message includes the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the logo of Sony Liv. Since KBC, the popular quiz show featuring actor Amitabh Bachchan, airs on Sony Liv, the logo aims to add some degree of legitimacy.

Apart from the logo, scripts are available in Hindi and English, claiming users have won Rs 25 lakh as a part of a lucky draw. You may also notice a lottery number, which is clearly fake.

The India Today Tech team member received the message from the number ‘+92 345 6808747′. The ’92’ ISD code is for Pakistan.

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