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This DANGEROUS money-stealing Gmail scam is back.

Scary Gmail scam makes a return, can steal money from users

As more people have begun purchasing online, doorstep deliveries have become a common affair. People do not even think twice before accepting an order which comes from various delivery services. And this is the space the scammers have decided to target.

the Gmail scam begins with the victim receiving an email that appears to be sent by DHL. The email even addresses the victim by the name in the email to appear authentic. Do note that DHL is not involved in this scam in any way and it’s the scammers who use the name in order to appear credible.

In the email, the user is given a tracking id for an order and is informed that DHL has received a package which is to be delivered to the recipient of the mail. The email also mentions that before the package can be scheduled for delivery, the company needs to confirm the address. It is followed by a link that the user is supposed to click in order to confirm the address.

If a victim falls for it, they are taken to a fake website where after confirming the address, they are asked to make a small payment as administration fee. Once the victim makes the payment, the scammer is able to collect their full name, credit card details and address of the victim which they can later use to steal money from their bank accounts. If you are concerned about this Gmail scam, then don’t be. While the scammers try to make it look authentic, there are some ways you can find out that it is fake.

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