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Online shopping: 5 tricks hackers use to steal your money.

Pharming: Hackers take users to fake website

In this technique, fraudsters reroute you to a fake website that seems similar to the original.

So even as you conduct transactions and make payment via credit or debit card, the card details can be stolen.

Keystroke logging: Software that copies your key strokes

Here, you unintentionally download a software, which allows the fraudster to trace your key strokes and steal passwords or credit card and Net banking details.

Malware: Malicious software that can steal data

This is a malicious software that can damage computer systems at ATMs or bank servers and allows fraudsters to access confidential card data.

Phishing & vishing: Online identity theft

While phishing involves identity theft through spam mails which seem to be from a genuine source, vishing is essentially the same through a mobile phone using messages or SMS.

These trick you into revealing your password, PIN or account number.

SIM swipe fraud

Here the fraudster contacts your mobile operator with fake identity proof and gets a duplicate SIM card.

The operator deactivates your original SIM and the thief generates one-time password (OTP) on the phone to conduct online transactions.

Unsafe apps

Mobile apps other than those from established stores can gain access to information on your phone like passwords, etc, and use it for unauthorised transactions.

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