What Happens When Someone Hacks Your Instagram Account?

In cases where the hacker is someone close to you, you may not notice any changes to your account if the person solely did it to spy on you. In cases where professional cybercriminals have hacked Instagram profiles, there may be significant changes to the account and its accessibility. These users will likely find themselves […]

9 Tips to Help Protect Yourself at the ATM.

on your next visit to the ATM, keep these safety precautions in mind and proactively protect yourself from both types of crime at an ATM: identity theft and encounters with criminals. Keep your personal identification number (PIN) just that – personal. Never write it down or share it with anyone – not even family members. It’s […]

fake Whatsapp DP scam:

Secure you whatsapp account by enabling two factor verification available in whtasapp settings. Fraudsters using fake WhatsApp Display Picture (DP) to impersonate as high profile Government Officers or Dignitaries. MODUS OPERANDI OF FRAUDSTER: Procure photo of the Government Officers from open source internet. Create whatsapp account on virtual number or on fake SIM card. Upload […]

Is your aadhar card hacked :here is how you can check.

More than 95% population is covered in the database of UIDAI. The government also realizes how important this data is and is taking steps to ensure that the security of every Aadhaar card holder is maintained. Multi-level security controls have been applied to avert the disclosure of confidential information. It is, however, the responsibility of […]

Online shopping: 5 tricks hackers use to steal your money.

Pharming: Hackers take users to fake website In this technique, fraudsters reroute you to a fake website that seems similar to the original. So even as you conduct transactions and make payment via credit or debit card, the card details can be stolen. Keystroke logging: Software that copies your key strokes Here, you unintentionally download […]

The Last Train to Dhanuskodi.

There are many places in India, which are full of mysteries, and some of them are such that few are known about them. One such place is located on the banks of Rameswaram Island on the east coast of Tamil Nadu. This is such a place, which is also called the last end of India, […]

How to tell if your Bluetooth is hacked.

Bluetooth is often targeted by hackers as a way to discreetly send malicious data to our smartphones and tablets. So, in the same way that you might be mindful of picking up nasty infections over Wi-Fi, it’s important to be just as careful about what’s going on with your Bluetooth connections. It can be very […]

This DANGEROUS money-stealing Gmail scam is back.

Scary Gmail scam makes a return, can steal money from users As more people have begun purchasing online, doorstep deliveries have become a common affair. People do not even think twice before accepting an order which comes from various delivery services. And this is the space the scammers have decided to target. the Gmail scam […]

A mysterious WhatsApp message.

WhatsApp users are being tricked into the “Heineken Beer Father’s Day Contest 2022” scam. WhatsApp users are being trapped in a Father’s day phishing scam via a message that offers people the chance to win “free crates of beer”. A WhatsApp message circulating on social media claims that a Heineken Beer Father’s Day Contest 2022 […]

Old WhatsApp scam re-emerges claiming Rs 25 Lakh Prize.

Readers must be wary of this scam and not share any personal details with unknown. Current iteration of the WhatsApp scam message includes the image of PM Modi and the logo of Sony Liv. An old WhatsApp scam has resurfaced online, mainly targeting users in India. As per the message that a member of the […]


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